Letters to the Editor

Frates letter: Idaho politics

A word about Idaho politics — Lorrie Richins is by far the best representative candidate for District 9. She will stand with the Attorney General and the Idaho Sheriffs Coalition with protecting the Constitution. She fights for family values.

Raul Labrador — Salmon recovery projects lead by Russ and Sharon Kiefer. Sharon leads Idaho’s efforts and Russ leads federal efforts. Labrador has told Russ and Sharon that he will not support salmon recovery efforts. I work with at least 15 dairy farmers and row croppers a month. Labrador does not attend dairy association meetings when he is committed to attend. Labrador has told row croppers and the Dairy Farmers of America that he will not support the Federal Agriculture Bill. Therefore, anti-salmon and anti-agriculture, clearly makes Raul Labrador Idaho’s enemy.

All other sitting representatives and senators, House Bill 658 written by Judy Boyle of Midvale was found to violate the Constitution by both the Idaho Attorney General and the Idaho Sheriffs Coalition. All incumbents in the House and the Senate passed the unconstitutioanal bill HB 658 to pass. Therefore incumbents are not interested in defending the Constitution They need to be voted out.

Bryce Frates, New Plymouth