Letters to the Editor

Koehler letter: Vote for Democratic women

Full confession: though I’m a progressive voter, I’d been planning on registering as a Republican and voting in their primary in the hopes of influencing the gubernatorial election. This voting strategy is common for progressives, moderates and independents in Idaho. This tactic rarely gives us the chance to enthusiastically cast our ballot for candidates we fully believe in. But, after spending time learning more about the great slate of candidates up and down the ballot, I’ve changed course and will proudly be asking for a Democratic primary ballot.

Specifically, I will be casting my votes for strong, smart women. Women like Paulette Jordan for governor, Kristin Collum for lieutenant governor, and Diana Lachiondo for Ada County commissioner. More than ever, we need state and local politicians to fight for our quality of life, equity for marginalized communities, and justice for all.

I’m only spending my time, resources, and votes on candidates who are committed to this fight, and I urge you to do the same on May 15th.

Megan Koehler, Eagle