Letters to the Editor

Gravatt letter: Elect Diana Lachiondo

I’m voting for Diana Lachiondo for Ada County Commissioner. Here’s why:

I am a young person in Boise. Before starting my career, I heavily considered moving away to chase opportunity in a place that was relatively more affordable. I can still feel the weight of our community’s burdens — dwindling affordable housing options, the pressures of growth on traffic and amenities, and the overwhelming competition to stay above water with the constant state of change around us.

I care deeply about this community, and I want to have faith that we are adequately prepared to support myself and my young peers in the years to come. The status quo is resulting in a hemorrhage of young talent from the area. I care about the people of our county, and I understand how much we all benefit from the diversity of experience that comes from a variety of experience, income, and talent.

Diana’s leadership is what Ada County needs to succeed. She has proven time and again that she has the skills and know-how to create more livable and vibrant space for everyone — affordable, enjoyable, and sustainable. Diana gives me faith in the future of Ada County. She has my wholehearted support.

Crispin Gravatt, Boise