Letters to the Editor

Dixon letter: Elect Diana Lachiondo

As a community volunteer who gives time to many local organizations and causes (including Corpus Christi House and Artisans for Hope) I’ve had the chance to work with Diana Lachiondo firsthand. And, after years of observing her in action, I am convinced: there is not a better candidate for Ada County commissioner.

Diana’s no-nonsense approach to problems has informed her work with the City of Boise and her own volunteer service as she devotes her time to working for people who need a hand: everyone from veterans, to our homeless neighbors, to children, to the elderly, to refugees. She strives to understand the challenges these groups face, and consistently advances cost-effective and proven strategies for helping.

I’m confident she would bring this same solution-driven service to county government and county residents will be richer for it. We need more smart, strong women like Diana in office, leading the way with a unique combination of common sense and compassion. We don’t have to settle for good old boys clubs anymore: there are women like Diana stepping up to lead. I will be proudly voting for her this May 15 and again in November, and I urge you to do the same.

Linda Dixon, Boise