Letters to the Editor

Strickland letter: Elect Brad Little

Why am I voting for Brad Little? It was an easy choice. He owns and runs a family business and is a lifelong rancher. Brad understands the challenges facing working families across Idaho. He knows how to minimize government regulation to allow Idaho to thrive.

The Idaho economy is running at an incredible rate, with low unemployment and wage growth continuing to climb. Brad is the right leader to capitalize on the incredible opportunities ahead of us. This father of two and grandfather of five wants nothing more than to keep families together. He is the only candidate who has a viable plan for education, designed to keep our graduates in Idaho.

Brad is a quality candidate who gives all Idahoans a voice on the state and national levels. He is bright, articulate and thoughtful, exactly what we need for an effective governor. I have watched this experienced legislator and executive leader for 16 years and have seen how his solid and proven framework sets him apart from the pack. I want to continue to protect Idaho’s values and traditions for future generations. That’s why my vote is to send Brad Little to the governor’s office.

Michael Strickland, Nampa