Letters to the Editor

Stave letter: Negative political ads

Politicians. Listen up. I am tired of listening to you criticize and put your opponents down but never talk about what you will do if you are elected. And when you espouse family values, do you realize the example you are setting for your children and grandchildren by debasing your opponents? Do you really believe that you can make yourself look better by putting someone else down? Some of the attack campaigns that are being run today are, in my opinion, beyond disgusting. I’m one of your constituents and I vote. I want to hear what your plans are for the future of Idaho and for our country. I’m really not interested in what you think of the other candidate. If you agreed with them, maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to run for office. So far I’ve seen one candidate who is focused on himself and what he thinks the issues are. I believe a lot of voters would agree with me. Let’s hear what you are going to do if elected.

Marilyn Stave, Meridian