Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: GOP candidates

I am appalled, totally and unequivocally appalled. Watching Idaho candidates for national office pander to Donald Trump is disgusting. Donald Trump is not a conservative as confirmed with his historic increase in National Debt. He expects loyalty and gives none in return as poor Mr. Cohen is rapidly learning the hard way. Despite giving Melania his word regarding faithfulness, he cheats with trashy women. Simply stated, Donald Trump has absolutely no integrity. And yet the candidates fill the airways with statements that they emulate Trump, they are loyal Trump adherents. Then, in the same advertising pitch, they tout how they represent Idaho values. Idaho values? So, let me get this straight. These candidates want Idahoans to vote for them because they are faithful Trump adherents. So Idaho values consist of cheating on your spouse with porn stars, throwing loyal friends under the bus, stuffing your pockets with as much public money your cabbage smelling hands can garner, and refusing to conduct your affairs with any modicum of integrity. At the end of the day, then, does a man’s word count for anything? Does a political label justify a complete lack of integrity. Does anyone care anymore?

Lawrence G. Sirhall, Jr., Boise