Letters to the Editor

Cooper letter: Elect Raul Labrador

It’s pretty clear to me that Tommy Ahlquist’s attacks on Raul Labrador are not working. In the April 23 debate, Ahlquist tried to play the victim, saying that a Labrador supporter had called Ahlquist a racist on a blog that almost no one reads. Labrador condemned what his supporter said. Tommy and his dad, meanwhile, are spending millions of dollars on TV ads attacking Labrador and lying about his record. When confronted, Ahlquist says those ads are running factual information. That is totally false. Ahlquist should have done the honorable thing and have those ads taken down. Labrador condemns libel against Ahlquist while Ahlquist spreads lies against Labrador. Why would anyone want someone like Ahlquist as governor?

Brandie Cooper, Meridian