Letters to the Editor

Marquis letter: Elect Vicky McIntyre

Vicky McIntyre has the lead in the polls. Over 800 people were present during the recent Bonneville Lincoln Day. Over the course of that event, attendees were asked to vote in a straw poll to see who they would like as Idaho’s next State Treasurer. The results had Vicky McIntyre beating her closest competitor by 21 points, receiving 53 percent of the vote. The other two candidates split the remaining votes, receiving 32 and 15 percent. It is clear that Idahoans want experienced, conservative leadership inside the Statehouse. Vicky’s impeccable track record of earning money for taxpayers and her willingness to stand up against the status quo is exactly what we need in the Treasurer’s office. When faced with decisions, Vicky asks first what is best for the taxpayers. There is no doubt that I want that type of leadership running our Treasurer’s office. Vicky has the experience, the knowledge, and the conservative values that make her the right choice for Idaho’s next State Treasurer. Please join me in voting Vicky McIntyre for State Treasurer in the Idaho Republican Primary on May 15th.

Sandra Marquis, Meridian