Letters to the Editor

Marler letter: Elect Rob Mason

This May 15th voters will be faced with a crowded field of choices for District 16. As a leader in my community I can say without equivocation that Rob Mason is the standout candidate and is the right choice for District 16.

Rob Mason is a natural leader and coalition builder born out by years of service improving his community.

His leadership with the Boise Boulevard Bike Coalition brought a 20-neighborhood coalition whose advocacy for better bike routes in our valley led ACHD to adopt a plan to create Boise’s first ever low-stress bike network.

Rob Mason works to preserve Idaho’s public lands and has a strong background in conservation and community service. He worked for years to protect the Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness and Idaho’s public lands.

In a crowded field, Rob stands apart as the right choice for District 16 Idaho Legislature.

Vote Rob Mason on May 15th.

Ronnie Marler, Boise