Letters to the Editor

Malepeai letter: Elect Rob Mason

We need more politicians who are willing to play on Idaho’s strengths to usher in the next chapter of Idaho’s future. Rob Mason brings this vision with fresh ideas to grow our economy utilizing Idaho’s vast outdoor recreational opportunities. Utah, among other states, has shown that by utilizing our public lands, and working on our business ecosystem, we can attract outdoor manufacturing companies that bring high paying jobs and a needed boost to our tax revenue. This would not only reinforce the quality of life all Idahoans appreciate, but would help retain our graduates who think they need to leave the state to find a “good job.” Through his work to protect the Boulder White Cloud Mountains he has also proven that he can achieve compromise and work with both urban and rural interest groups. Lastly, as a father, I can appreciate his passion to make sure Idaho children are receiving the best education in the nation. Rob Mason is a passionate Idahoan who will be a positive addition to the Legislature, and we need more people like him. I urge you vote for Rob Mason for Idaho State Representative in District 16 Seat B in the May 15 Democratic primary.

Ian Malepeai, Boise