Letters to the Editor

Francis letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

I am a Boise native, and have returned here after years of working and living globally. This global experience provides a different perspective on the changes in our state over the last decades. It also makes clear what it is going to take to succeed in the future. Through my business experience I have met numerous people who confuse “activity with accomplishment.” This is particularly true in the political world.

In order to compete, Idaho must elect people who will focus on a planned approach, proven management principles and less of the typical political rhetoric.

In selecting a governor candidate to support, I wanted someone who has had true accomplishments, beyond getting elected. Tommy Ahlquist has been a successful physician, and businessman. His ability to work through the political mess that resulted in the “Boise Big Hole,” build Idaho’s tallest building, and change downtown Boise speaks volumes.

Obviously, Tommy’s success has translated into personal success for him and his family, but has also benefited the local communities. I support a governor that will apply proven business techniques to the needs of the Idaho people. I support Tommy Ahlquist.

Terry Francis, Boise