Letters to the Editor

Christensen letter: Elect Russ Fulcher

Russ Fulcher is Idaho and the citizens of this state need his leadership, values and dedication in the nation’s legislative branch, the People’s House, where Russ Fulcher can represent the people of Idaho. His work ethic, moral character and common sense leadership is desperately needed there. I have known Russ, and as a testament to his openness and genuine character, there has not been one time when I have seen him, that he hasn’t extended his hand and asked how it’s going. Russ and his family’s values are what represents the foundation of Idaho values and traditions.

Russ has a proven track record of leadership and vision that will represent Idaho and its citizens in their future.

My family has known him and his family since our son was in Foundations Academy, and strongly without hesitation and reservation, support Russ Fulcher for Congress. I encourage all the people of Idaho to support Russ Fulcher for Congress.

Steven Christensen, Boise