Letters to the Editor

Casler letter: Elect John Gannon

As a long-time conservationist, I believe the most important environmental issue facing Bench residents in years is the push for siting F-35s at Gowen Field. The Boise Airport’s own $400,000 study shows a squadron of fighter jets would brand hundreds of homes “unsuitable for residential use.” And potential impacts on air quality, land use and health are frightening.

The only public official to help us was Representative John Gannon. He read the report, alerted and listened to us, and publicly expressed our concerns. He asked to bring a squadron here for a test, and he asked for solutions. This took political courage.

The F-35 mission is the defining difference for Bench (District 17) Democratic primary voters. John Gannon’s opponent supports the F-35s, a position that ignores terrible consequences for the Bench and is hardly progressive.

John Gannon consistently shows political courage. He immediately joined the Medicaid Initiative last year and has worked tirelessly for it. He fought privatization of prisons and helped write and co-sponsor the school safety bill allowing law enforcement to investigate school social media threats. And he always advocates for education.

John Gannon represents us every day. We must keep him in the Legislature.

Carol Casler, Boise