Letters to the Editor

Barras letter: Elect Raul Labrador

Watching Tommy Ahlquist during the April 23 debate made it pretty clear to me that he is not ready to be governor. Ahlquist calls himself an outsider. Outsiders are fine if that means you’re not from the “Establishment,” but you do need political experience to be governor. What’s funny is that Ahlquist isn’t even a real outsider. He’s part of the Boise Establishment that loves government and works against true conservatives. Raul Labrador is the real outsider. He is a true conservative and he won’t need on-the-job training, like Ahlquist would. If Ahlquist really wants to be a politician, he should run for City Council or the Legislature first. Governor is not the right job for him. Labrador is the best choice.

Nan Barras, Boise