Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: Political propaganda

What is propaganda? It is the deliberate attempt to convince you or anyone to do or not to do anything the propagandist wants.

Propagandists use many tools, often in combination with others, for maximum success: TV (very effective), radio, newspapers, person-to-person discussions, (very effective if you are talking with your best friend, or someone who has high social respect — such as the president, a teacher, a respected relative, etc.). Anybody can spread propaganda as long as you trust them.

A propagandist does not care anything about being truthful. He/she will tell outright lies, misrepresent the truth, not tell you the whole truth, only what she/he wants you to believe. Whatever it is, you can be sure the propagandist will benefit somehow — money, political office, promotion, etc.

The propagandist uses many tricks to fool you:

1) Repetition — repeat what she/he wants over and over again. Have you heard, recently, any of the following: “Witch hunt,” “no collusion,” “This tax reform is designed to help the middle class,” “End this investigation.” These are some of Donald Trump’s favorites.

2) Insults — Call your opponent an embarrassing name: “Mr. Magoo,” “Lying,” “Crooked,” “Slimeball,” etc.

Watch TV political ads (and others) carefully. You might be the next victim of propaganda.

Jack Stevens, Boise