Letters to the Editor

Coates letter: Vladimir Putin

In response to all you liberals who constantly charge President Donald Trump’s phone call congratulating Vladimir Putin’s re-election victory proves the Russian collusion fantasy, may I remind you that President Barack Obama did the exact same thing in 2012. It’s called diplomacy. Furthermore, at an international conference during his re-election campaign while alone in an empty room with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev in an off camera moment your POTUS 44 leaned over and whispered to the Russian “Tell Vladimir not to worry, I’m going to be a lot more flexible after I’m re-elected.” If that’s not collusion then what is? Where was the outcry then? Obama’s cowardice, weakness and appeasement fed Putin’s murderous ambitions. But Obama was such a nice guy I guess that excuses everything.

Duane A. Coates, Meridian