Letters to the Editor

Basterrechea letter: Elect Marv Hagedorn

I am writing this letter urging people to please research your candidates for lieutenant governor and make a conscientious decision. Without a doubt Marv Hagedorn is the right candidate for the job. I have known Marv for many years and know him to be a rational, conscientious leader who has the best interests of our state in mind. This is a very important election season and we need someone in the lieutenant governor position who can work with whoever gets the nod for governor.

Marv is a leader, Navy veteran, entrepreneur and outdoorsman who looks out for the best interests of all Idahoans. Marv showed great leadership as one of the only legislators to listen to the Idaho wrestling community after BSU President Bob Kustra cut the BSU wrestling program and refused to discuss ways to save it. While most just said there is nothing we can do, Marv Hagedorn stepped up listened and tried to help.

He is a person who is sincere and dedicated to public life for the right reasons. So please join me on May 15, and vote Marv Hagedorn for lieutenant governor.

Tracy Basterrechea, Kuna