Letters to the Editor

Goldthorpe letter: Tommy Ahlquist

My thanks to Tommy Ahlquist. Thank you for being the kind of listener that Idaho needs in its next leader. You’ve always listened, asked questions and then hoped we who know you were smart enough to develop our own opinions and positions. Thanks for never twisting my arm to vote a particular way. Thanks for supporting many candidates, including my opponent when I ran for office in order to ensure a balanced approach and encourage the success of our system. Thanks for having a teacher’s heart instead of exuding arrogance in your approaches to issues large and small. Thanks for putting your family first as your opponents do. Thanks for your concern for my family budget as shown by your experienced perspectives on healthcare and education. Thanks for being the only candidate that feels the need to improve Idaho’s infrastructure as well as our quality of life. Thanks for understanding that there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” but still very willing to lend a hand up, because that’s exactly what many need. Thanks for giving credit to those around you instead of directing it to yourself. Dude, you’ll make a great governor.

Kent Goldthorpe, Meridian