Letters to the Editor

Semanko letter: Elect Fulcher

As a former chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, I have had the privilege of seeing some great political candidates up close and personal, but none better than Russ Fulcher. He is the principled and proven conservative that we need serving us in Congress. It is no surprise then that Russ Fulcher has earned key endorsements from the likes of Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Raul Labrador, the man he is seeking to replace in Congress. With a stellar record in the Idaho Senate, he has earned the support of legislators around the state. His background as an international businessman will serve us well in Congress. Russ is a family man, of deep faith and conviction, who will work to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., for our benefit and for future generations. Born and raised right here in the Treasure Valley, his roots run deep in Idaho. Russ Fulcher will fight for us every day in Congress, to return power to the states and to we the people. In short, Russ is for us. Please vote for Russ Fulcher in the Republican primary on May 15.

Norm Semanko, Boise