Letters to the Editor

Paxton letter: Abortion

Some candidates for public office seem to be vying to be the most strident punisher of women who seek to procure an abortion. How did we get to this place in our state and national rhetoric?

The Associated Press article in the April 20 edition of the Idaho Statesman said that about 1 out of 4 women has had an abortion. It is staggering to know that many women have felt the need to make this very personal decision.

What no one is talking about is the circumstances a family might find themselves in that compel them to decide an abortion is the right choice for them. What brings them to believe that they do not have the financial, emotional or family resources to raise a child? Rather than a focus on criminalizing abortion, why isn’t the discussion about making sure every pregnancy is welcomed because the parents have good-paying jobs and affordable housing, health care, day care and education?

Please stop this rhetoric. Think about your sisters, daughters, granddaughters, neighbors and friends who may need help at some point in their lives. If a candidate is running on a platform of “Family Values,” I’d like to know what he/she will do, if elected, to be supportive of families.

Wendy Paxton, Boise