Letters to the Editor

Thomson letter: Elect Little

Beyond a doubt, Brad Little is the most qualified candidate to be Idaho’s next governor.

I admire Brad for his honesty, integrity, fairness and his drive to make a positive difference. Brad is approachable and takes time to listen to issues big and small. He’s been reaching out to residents across the state and will remember those conversations.

Brad is hard working. As a rancher, senator, and as our lieutenant governor, Brad has worked hard to make our state such a great place to live. Born and raised in Idaho, he is a product of our education system which he continues to strongly support.

Brad is a family man. He will strengthen the state’s economy so our families will choose to stay close to home.

Brad understands state government. He’s had experience working in the Legislature and providing leadership. This experience puts him head and shoulders above the other candidates. We need Brad’s positive energy and level head right now. I’m confident Brad will continue to work hard to make Idaho a great place to live and raise our families. With enthusiasm, I support Brad Little for Idaho’s next governor and I hope you will too.

Laurey Thomson, Emmett