Letters to the Editor

Johnston letter: Elect Ahlquist

I’ve dedicated 25-plus years to improving Idaho’s families. I’ve worked with two governors and alongside hundreds of nonprofits, schools, churches, health care, businesses, state agencies, philanthropy, ranchers and farmers to address the greatest challenges facing families. There’s data documenting the trauma, inequity, homelessness, hunger, and lack of quality education. Most families aren’t chronic abusers of government assistance, they’ve had a life-changing medical, mental health, job loss catalyzing them into poverty. We all know them.

Idahoans care deeply about families but many believe they can’t positively impact things but we can through voting. I’m publicly supporting a gubernatorial candidate because I’m fed up with the status quo and my vote can change things.

For families to thrive requires leadership unlike anything we’ve experienced. Tommy can effectively navigate relationships and bureaucracy and has a salient and reasonable plan to move Idaho forward. He has a fresh perspective, business acumen, healthcare and economic expertise, and a willingness to keep learning.

As a lifelong Republican, I won’t let establishment politics rein. It’s time for an outsider with conservative values and the knowledge and skills to unite and cast a vision for all Idahoans. Join me — vote Tommy Ahlquist for governor.

Blossom Johnston, Meridian