Letters to the Editor

Gifford letter: Elect Labrador

“I can’t stand politics.” Have you heard that phrase as much as I have? It troubles me because to be removed from government is to be removed from the vital role that we play in maintaining our God-given freedoms. And yet, I can’t blame them. Politics has turned into power grabs and personal attacks. Politicians appear to lack the only thing that matters — deeply rooted principles. All of the frustrations surrounding politics has made me realize how refreshing it is to have a candidate like Raul Labrador. His time in Congress proves that he is a man of principles and has stood firm for the same conservative values on which he originally ran. There will be no surprises with Governor Labrador. He is not a recent convert to the Republican Party; his principles have been maintained for many years. Labrador is a genuinely good man who believes in Idaho and Idaho families. If you’re tired of attack ads and people who say one thing only to do another — rest assured that there actually is someone worth voting for on May 15th. Raul Labrador proves it’s still possible to find integrity in politics.

Stephanie Gifford, Idaho Falls