Letters to the Editor

Baker letter: Elect McIntyre

When election time comes around, most of us concentrate on the “big” elections like governor or county commissioner. But there is a very important job that keeps the state of Idaho solvent that one rarely hears anything about — the treasurer.

Vicky McIntyre has been the Ada County treasurer for the last eight years. Without her work of collecting and disbursing taxes to cities and other districts, cops wouldn’t be paid, roads wouldn’t be paved and schools couldn’t open. She has done her job with honesty and integrity and an eye towards what’s best for the taxpayers. In fact, you’ll never meet someone with more ability to do the job of treasurer well.

In the recent very bad investment climate with pitifully low interest rates, Vicky made the Ada County taxpayers over $13 million in interest, consistently well over 150 percent of what was anticipated.

Honest, hardworking, great personal integrity, a great financial mind and not a member of the old boys club. What more could you ask for in someone entrusted with safeguarding your tax dollars. Vicky will make an excellent State Treasurer.

Please join me in voting to elect Vicky McIntyre.

Sara Baker, Boise