Letters to the Editor

Wolthuis letter: No to Ahlquist

Tommy Ahlquist is anything but an outsider. Campaign finance reports reveal the hundreds of thousands of dollars Tommy has spent on political think tanks and advertising groups outside of the state of Idaho. He praises our local business through $50,000 commercials produced by establishment firms in Virginia.

Tommy doesn’t care about Idahoans, he cares about winning. Prior to announcing his candidacy as a Republican, he was being touted by Democrat Phylis King of Boise as her party’s chance to take Idaho’s top executive office. Realizing he had no chance at the governor’s seat as the Democratic nominee, he swiftly registered as a Republican (he had no party affiliation prior) and began spending.

Tommy isn’t a true conservative. He feels the need to plaster this label on all his campaign material to compensate for his liberal background. Tommy has donated to Democrats, dined with Boise City Council, and made his fortune off urban renewal projects funded by our hard-earned taxpayer money. As a state we cannot afford to elect a wishy-washy RINO like Ahlquist as our next governor. He says never Trump, I say never Tommy.

Jack Wolthuis, Eagle