Letters to the Editor

Estes letter: Health plans

Short-term health plans aren’t the answer.

As we move to fix what is wrong with our health care system, we must also defend what is currently working. As a cancer advocate I know how important it is for cancer patients and survivors to have protections against being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. These safeguards are not available in most short-term health insurance plans. If a rule proposed by the Health and Human Services secretary is finalized, these short-term health insurance plans could be offered more long-term. This could lead to insurance market instability, higher costs and coverage that is unsuitable to treat cancer and other serious illnesses.

I met with Senator Risch in late March to discuss this concern. While he isn’t a fan of the current health care system, he was adamantly opposed to short-term health insurance as an answer for Idahoans and our country. I am counting on him and our other members of Congress to urge Secretary Azar to stop this short-term plan regulation from moving forward.

Chad Estes, State Lead Ambassador ACS CAN, Boise