Letters to the Editor

Elings letter: Heroin epidemic

It is a well-known fact that Idaho is facing a serious heroin epidemic at the moment. It is also widely believed, by many that I know, that there isn’t enough being done about it. I know of people close to me who are suffering due to heroin addiction, but the police are doing only the bare minimum to deter this and nothing more. If that was not enough, few people even speak of the problem on mainstream media.

I’m not even sure if this epidemic has come up as an issue to be addressed by any candidates during this election year. I would hope that my fellow Idahoans see the devastation this drug is causing on so many families and would demand that our future governor ensure tougher enforcement on drug usage as well as more incentives for drug offenders to seek rehabilitation. I’m also hoping that we as a community will someday soon come together to take action against this problem by offering support for those fighting addiction. Be it by donating to rehabilitation centers or assisting those close to us in fighting this addiction; time will tell, I suppose.

Jordan Elings, Caldwell