Letters to the Editor

Knight letter: Vote Democrats

I’m begging you, everybody please vote Democrat so they can get us out of the biggest mess this country has ever been in. I am not a party person. I just believe in voting in people that will join together to do what is best for our country and people. The Republicans could have gotten us out of this mess by now if they weren’t more interested in themselves, which could be their demise.

We have coal in our atmosphere again, the limitations on car exhaust has been thrown out with probably more cars than ever contaminating our air. A toxic spray that causes nerve damage has been put back in our society. Efforts seem to be being made with several countries to get us in a war. The biggest liar and bragger about himself, constantly patting himself on the back and putting good people that have cared about us down.

We don’t put people in office to line their pockets on our backs instead of doing their duty for us and our country. No respect.

Judy Knight, Boise