Letters to the Editor

Beckley letter: Elect Brad Little

The Republican primary is now less than a month away. My view has always been that actions speak louder than words. Like many Idahoans I am an outdoor enthusiast and it makes me feel lucky to be living in Idaho. I want to call more attention to the great support that Brad Little and his family have provided for outdoor recreation in Idaho for decades.

Boise’s Ridge to River trail system is the envy of many other cities. I have enjoyed countless days in these trails and many Idahoans make it a weekly or daily routine. While I appreciate the work that Ridge to Rivers and the Treasure Valley Land Trust put into maintaining our trail system, many of us are unaware that most of our classic trails are on private land. Brad Little and his family have made these trails possible for well over 20 years by allowing access without any compensation. Trails that Brad Little makes possible include: Hulls Gulch, Crestline, Sidewinder, Freestone Ridge, Three Bears, Hard Guy and Dry Creek.

Brad Little’s actions show that he is a consistent supporter for outdoor recreation for Idahoans. I encourage all Idahoans that love the outdoors to vote for Brad Little.

Brian Beckley, Meridian