Letters to the Editor

Harriman letter: Elect David LeRoy

Elect David LeRoy to represent Idaho in the First Congressional District.

Do Idaho and the nation a favor — send an adult to the U.S. House of Representatives.

With the fragmentation in DC it is time to send a true proven statesman to Washington who will give dignity to the office of Idaho’s 1st District. We can think of no one with more stature and legislative experience; nor a better man than David LeRoy to represent Idaho. David is a nationally known legislator and an attorney of high stature and integrity. He has served with dignity as Prosecuting Attorney for Ada County, as Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor for Idaho. He is concerned with the direction the U.S. is headed and with his experience will hit the ground running in DC. We’ve known David for over 20 years and know the mettle of the man.

We strongly encourage you to vote David LeRoy on May 15th.

Ronald and Donna Harriman, Nampa