Letters to the Editor

Rice letter: Elect Brad Little

I say Marty Trillhaase in his Lewiston Morning Tribune Editorial of April 15 is spot on. He says Tommy Ahlquist “prevaricates every four seconds” in his 16-second hit job (attack ad) against Brad Little. Trillhaase questions “Does Ahlquist not know any better? Or does he have a casual relationship with the truth?” Trillhaase’s treatment of Ahlquist, however, is far too kind. Tommy Ahlquist lies, distorts the truth, and misleads in his negative campaign against Little. He knows better. Heaven help us if a man of Ahlquist’s character is ever elected as governor of Idaho.

I have known Brad Little for almost 50 years. His integrity is above reproach. In his many years of public service as a senator from Gem County and as lieutenant governor of Idaho he has always put the people of Idaho first. He is a common sense conservative.

The truth is Brad Little is our best choice for governor of Idaho and I will be voting for him. I would strongly encourage you to do the same.

Steve Rice, Lewiston