Letters to the Editor

Johnson letter: Responsible voters

Are you a responsible voter?

I am writing to challenge the reader to think deeply about why political endorsements are made, specifically by parties and nonprofits. When making the decision to endorse, power, donation volume and winnability are large factors. Based on that information, endorsements are not always reflective of even the nonprofits’ values.

I have personal experience with representatives that admit to endorsing for the purpose of maintaining important relationships versus choosing a candidate with the best values. The endorsements may make sense for politicians or nonprofits — but not necessarily for who you are, as a voter.

Wealth is another factor. If a candidate is wealthy they carry the privilege to donate large amounts of money, large donations typically earn favors and support. Is wealth a factor that contributes to who you vote for? This speaks heavily to the maintenance of our class system.

I do find value in endorsements, but I will publicly and consistently challenge you to take these endorsements as a launching off point for your own research rather than a way to spend less time carefully utilizing your voice.

Naomi Johnson, Boise