Letters to the Editor

Cross: Elect Raul Labrador

The Washington Post awards “Pinocchios” for not-so-truthful claims — lies. The highest designation The Post gives is Four Pinocchios. After watching Tommy Ahlquist’s campaign and PAC ads, Tommy should be awarded the first “Five Pinocchios” designation.

Tommy says Raul Labrador supported giving healthcare to illegal aliens. Exactly the opposite is true. Labrador left the House Gang of Eight precisely over the healthcare issue. In a June 5, 2013, Politico article Labrador said: “I believe in my opinion that unless you make them personally responsible for health insurance, that it’s the taxpayer that’s going to pay.” How did you get it so wrong Tommy?

Tommy says Labrador voted against President Trump’s effort to replace Obamacare. Exactly the opposite is true. Labrador voted 50 times to repeal Obamacare. How do you miss 50 “repeal Obamacare votes” Tommy?

Tommy says Congressman Labrador did not support President Trump. Exactly the opposite is true. Labrador campaigned with the Trump campaign in three states. Labrador voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections. Labrador has supported Trump’s conservative policies. Meanwhile, Tommy was supporting a Democratic Idaho gubernatorial candidate, accusing the president of sexual assault and not voting for Donald Trump.

Congrats Tommy, the first winner of “Five Pinocchios.”

John Cross, Post Falls