Letters to the Editor

Nelson letter: Elect Raul Labrador

I was looking at the websites of GOP primary race contestants, and I was puzzled when I saw Brad Little’s site stating that as lieutenant governor that he had “worked to defend our shared values.” As an Idahoan, I identify with a variety of shared values with one of the most important being pro-life. Little’s past contradicts his statement of working to defend our shared values. As a state senator, Little was the deciding yes vote in favor of increasing Planned Parenthood’s Idaho taxpayer funding even after testimony from Idaho Chooses Life who opposed the bill. A supporter of Planned Parenthood funding is not working to defend our shared values.

Tommy Ahlquist gave $1,000 in 2015 to Boise City Council Member Lauren McLean, a registered Democrat, who also received contributions from a Planned Parenthood PAC. Ahlquist and Planned Parenthood being on the same page should be scary evidence for conservative voters.

Raul Labrador has never wavered in his fierce opposition to abortion, and he has remained true to his Idaho values from the beginning. My vote is going to Labrador who has truly worked tirelessly to uphold our shared values in Congress, and he will do the same in Idaho.

Lana Nelson, Idaho Falls