Letters to the Editor

Javorsky letter: Elect Peter Dill

As the gubernatorial election approaches, I am thrilled to support Peter Dill. From working to better education and job opportunities to promoting sustainable agriculture, Dill focuses on finding solutions to current issues with future generations in mind.

Recently, I’ve watched people buy into the lie that we are divided. We believe in A or B and anyone who disagrees isn’t worth our time. Dill understands that we have an obligation to care for one another; that there is more that unites us than divides us. His experience in law has given him knowledge of the issues unique to Idaho and the role it plays in the United States as a whole. He recognizes the need for conversations that will bring people together. He strives to care for struggling citizens by supporting affordable housing and local food banks. He wants to invest in Idaho’s youth by strengthening education. He believes in empowering individuals and local communities with resources they need to thrive.

I am writing this for the same reason I suspect you are reading it: because you care about this great state. We need someone committed to the well being of all Idaho’s citizens and that person is Peter Dill.

Adele Javorsky, Boise