Letters to the Editor

Browndyke letter: Elect Tommy Ahlquist

For over 11 years, Idaho has stumbled along with Butch Otter at her helm. Let me ask: when was the last time there was legislation from the governor’s office which improved your life? The fact is this: Butch Otter has for years now neither presented nor acted upon policy that would improve this great state. Our infrastructure has not improved, our schools still perform poorly, and our health care system is stagnant. A vote for his endorsed candidate, Brad Little, only furthers a weak, passive, and uninspiring agenda for Idaho.

What Idaho needs, now more than ever, is a governor who understands the pressing needs of rural Idaho but also recognizes the aggressive development that will be required in our urban areas. The surge of people pouring into the state strains our resources and infrastructure which must be swiftly addressed, and if not, our quality of life will quickly decline.

The only candidate in the governor’s race who possesses the drive, vision, and gift of servant leadership is Tommy Ahlquist. I call you all, my fellow Idahoans, to support Dr. Ahlquist this year for governor so that we may all enjoy a healthy, shining state for years to come.

Travis Browndyke, Boise