Letters to the Editor

Boyden letter: Elect Raul Labrador

I am in strong support of Raul Labrador’s 5/5/5 Tax Plan. The Idaho tax code is outdated with loopholes and unneeded complexities. None of the other candidates have proposed a sensible tax code with no secret caveats. Raul’s tax plan is easy to understand. In a day and age when everything in government is complicated and misconstrued, it is refreshing to hear an approach to the tax code that is easy to understand. Tommy has been the beneficiary of loopholes in the tax system so how can we expect him to close the loopholes? Brad has had the opportunity to change the tax code while he has been in office as lieutenant governor, and he has not made any attempt. Raul’s true conservative record of being a man of his word while in Congress is enough for me to trust that he’ll do the same as the next governor of Idaho.

Jennifer Boyden, Idaho Falls