Letters to the Editor

Applegate letter: Balukoff TV ads

In his TV ads A.J. Balukoff touts his 21-year membership on the Boise School District board of directors as a major reason for voting for him in his race for governor. During his 21-year tenure, state support for education has diminished, Idaho’s spending per student has raced to the bottom of all states, and levies and override levies have been consistent election topics. My questions for Mr. Balukoff are: “As a board member as one of the largest school districts in Idaho, what efforts have you put forward to increase state support for education? Are you satisfied with Idaho’s current per student spending? What will you do, if elected governor, to increase state-support spending for education. How do you propose to work with the Republican dominated Legislature to increase state support for education. I, and all Idaho voters, look forward to your responses.

Bill Applegate, Boise