Letters to the Editor

Cross letter: Elect Raul Labrador

Recent attack ads by Tommy Ahlquist against Raul Labrador ring hollow:

Tommy claims that Raul does not support Donald Trump. Congressman Labrador was actually interviewed by the Trump administration for a prominent role in Trump’s government. And while Tommy did not vote for Trump in 2016, Raul campaigned for Trump in places like Utah, Nevada and Florida. Actions speak louder than words.

Tommy claims Raul did not support Trump’s effort to support the repeal of Obamacare. This claim is absurd. Raul’s efforts led to a bill that supported President Trump’s efforts on Obamacare repeal — the bill passed the house — but was not taken up by the Senate. Raul also worked hard on tax reform — from which the majority of Idahoans will benefit.

Tommy claims that Congressman Labrador wastes taxpayer funds on a SUV. The reality is Congressman Labrador has actually returned nearly $800,000 from his congressional office to taxpayers by being a good steward of his office’s resources — this should be applauded.

Tommy finds it easy to attack a candidate when he has no record of voting on anything and has passed no laws on either a state or federal level because he has no experience.

Angela Cross, Post Falls