Letters to the Editor

Caldwell letter: Elect Raul Labrador

There’s a saying in business: the best way to predict future performance is to look at past performance. It’s true, and it also applies to politics. The three Republicans running for governor are all claiming to be conservatives, but the only way to know if that’s true is to look at their past performance.

Raul Labrador has been a strong voice for conservatives for eight years as a member of Congress, taking on liberals and the special interests. Brad Little has been an ally of Planned Parenthood as evidenced by his past voting record and an opponent of the NRA by opposing a campus concealed carry bill. Tommy Ahlquist has been a big donor for Democrats and he refused to vote for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

Little and Ahlquist won’t govern as conservatives. Labrador will, because he’s already proven it.

Karie Caldwell, Idaho Falls