Letters to the Editor

Gessford letter: Dialysis patients advocacy

In March, I flew to Washington D.C. with fellow DaVita teammates to advocate for dialysis patients and raise awareness about the bi-partisan Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act. The D.C. energy alone was quite different from my own little Idaho. On the second day of the trip, I walked 15 miles seeing all the monuments, but I was so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the culture and energy that is Washington D.C.

Seeing the beautiful monuments paled in comparison to the opportunity of being an integral part of advocating for our patients on Capitol Hill. Having the chance to spend time with patients and hear their stories filled my heart. After all, the patients are the whole reason I was able to visit D.C., the whole reason I get to live my dream in the best job possible and work for the most compassionate company.

Although our time on Capitol Hill went too quickly, the advocacy for our patients never stops. This job is my passion, this opportunity to advocate for our patients was my privilege and my goal is to help make a difference in our patients’ lives any way I can.

Kim Gessford, Boise