Letters to the Editor

Crespo letter: Elect Vicky McIntyre

Maintaining the state’s credit rating is of utmost importance. County treasurer Vicky McIntyre is the only candidate for Idaho State Treasurer whose proven track record on investment management will ensure Idaho’s stellar credit rating is maintained.

One of Vicky’s opponents does not appear to have any financial background whatsoever and the other was CFO of a local employer when the company went bankrupt. I for one do not believe that someone’s fist job in finance should be the CFO of Idaho. I also do not believe we should hand over the state’s finances to someone who has a history of mismanagement.

I plan to vote for the person who has a proven track record, Vicky McIntyre. For the sake of Idaho and all Idahoans, I hope you join me in voting for Vicky on May 15th in the Republican Primary election.

Guisela Crespo, Boise