Letters to the Editor

Cannamela letter: Labrador out of touch

Raul Labrador’s recent comments and actions relative to the Snake River salmon/energy issue demonstrate two things: He doesn’t know or care about the facts and he doesn’t care about Idahoans (or Native Americans). If he really wanted to fight for Idahoans, like his advertisements boldly state, he would give the data an honest assessment and call for restoration of the lower Snake River and everything that comes with it. Instead, he blindly defends the four useless concrete monoliths that have robbed us of a strong economic force, a healthy ecosystem, and cultural rights and values. He even signed on to HR3144, the death sentence bill for Snake River salmon. HR3144 maintains the failed status quo — That means Labrador supports spending more money to maintain the four river-killing liabilities while doing nothing for Idahoans, the salmon, the tribes, and the ecosystem (most starkly apparent in starving orcas). What he wants to preserve is our right to continue paying to remain impoverished. His values, as revealed by his comments, should catch the attention of Idahoans who value the nation’s natural resources and public lands, not just Snake River salmon and steelhead. Clearly, he is not working for Idahoans.

David A. Cannamela, Boise