Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Observations on Steve Yates

I have some observations about lieutenant governor-candidate Steve Yates’ conduct related to the 2014 and 2016 Idaho Republican conventions, where I served as a delegate.

First, after the 2014 Convention adjourned without electing officers, Yates offered his name for consideration as State GOP chairman, usurping the position that rightfully belonged to the current chairman.

Second, during the 2016 Convention, Yates used parliamentary procedure to nullify the Platform Committee’s report, thus preventing the full assembly’s consideration of party platform changes approved by that committee. Yates also allowed votes based on incorrect information to stand, when he should have called for a re-vote after the correct information was provided.

Third, after the 2016 convention, Yates (and former GOP Executive Director David Johnston, manager of Tommy Ahlquist’s campaign for governor) did nothing to help advance the legislative action resolutions that were approved by the convention delegates. The Legislature still has not acted on those resolutions. [Note: Lieutenant governor-candidates Nonini, Packer and Hagedorn are members of the current Legislature.]

The Convention is a chance for grassroots Republicans to make a difference in our state government. But Steve Yates adversely influenced the outcome of the 2014 and 2016 proceedings and thwarted citizens’ opportunity for influence.

Evalyn Bennett, Salmon