Letters to the Editor

Schmidt letter: Elect Raul Labrador

I write to express my support for Congressman Labrador’s courageous vote against Congress’ recently passed omnibus bill. Only 25 of the 238 House Republicans had the sense to vote against a $1.3 trillion spending bill. Republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal conservatives. Mr. Labrador constantly talks about how the government needs to cut spending and he showed how serious he was by voting against a bloated spending bill, even when a majority of his fellow Republicans did not. I’m glad Idaho has somebody with sense representing us in Washington, D.C. I know Mr. Labrador will bring the same fiscal values to our state budget if he is elected as governor. Idaho needs someone who has the backbone to call out legislators, including other Republicans, for reckless spending and who wants to keep Idaho’s economy thriving without burying future generations in of debt.

Amanda Schmidt, Nampa