Letters to the Editor

Zimmerman letter: Elect Raul Labrador

My husband and I have watched Raul Labrador with interest since he was first elected to the State Legislature and represented us. What’s really refreshing about Raul is, even after spending eight years in the Washington D.C. swamp, he’s managed to largely maintain his conservative, limited government, liberty-minded principles. The halls of today’s state and national government buildings are filled with “go along to get along” followers and weak-kneed politicians who easily succumb to pressure — especially when money is on the line. In bright contrast, Raul stands out as a principled leader who ignores special interest pressures and, as unusual as it seems to be today, is even more constitutionally-minded than when elected to Congress. One of the many reasons we’re supporting him as our new governor is for his promise to get rid of Common Core and all the testing, data collecting, federal pressure and other garbage that comes with it. We also applaud that he opposes economic policies that pick winners and losers and that he does not believe in increasing taxes that ultimately line the pockets of private businesses and developers with public subsidies. Idaho needs Raul Labrador as governor.

Stephanie Zimmerman, Boise