Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Trump’s immigrant family

The article on the declining refugee flow into Idaho (April 3) illustrated how things could have been different in this country had Trump’s anti-immigration policies been in effect in the 19th century when immigration was much higher than today.

For example, in 1885, a penniless 18-year-old with few or no skills and no English-speaking ability, managed to get into the U.S. Clearly, that wouldn’t have happened today under Trump.

Who was that man who got in so easily back in 1885? His name was Friedrich Trump, the grandfather of Donald.

Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, was also an 18-year-old unskilled worker when she came to the U.S. She spoke almost exclusively in Scots Gaelic. (Trump wants only English speakers which is odd considering his limited ability.)

Melania Trump’s immigration situation is equally suspect. She got the so-called “genius visa” to get into the country. And she may have used “chain migration” (something Trump rages against) to get her parents into the country.

Just think how much better this country would be today had Friedrich Trump (Drumpf) been stopped at the border.

No ignorant rants from the White House. No wars. No tax cuts for the rich. No deficit spending. No spankings.

Gary L. Bennett, descendent of Mayflower “immigrants,” Boise