Letters to the Editor

Temple letter: Facebook data distribution

Why are so many people shocked about the distribution of information collected by Facebook? There is a reason Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of nearly $60 billion for a service that is basically free to users. Facebook is not a social media service; it is a data collection business. Facebook’s initial outrage regarding Cambridge Analytica’s collection of data on 50 million Facebook users was likely due to the loss of income (having only sold the data on 270,000 Facebook surveys). All of you that are “Friends” on Facebook don’t get it; you are not customers, you and your electronic data are a product. Every “App” from purchasing coffee, fitness tracking, ride sharing; every digital communication, tweet or any other electronic activity conducted on your “smart phone” is creating a data footprint that can be packaged and sold (read the fine print).

Kelly Temple, Boise