Letters to the Editor

Trammel letter: Elect Vicky McIntyre

Vicky McIntyre is a hard-working, high energy, and dedicated public servant. She is an elected Republican county treasurer. She does an amazing job for her hundreds of thousands of constituents, and will be a tremendous Idaho State Treasurer.

Vicky McIntyre realizes that it is not always convenient to go to the one central location to pay one’s taxes, so she opened up a small, cost-effective, second office on the other side of the county.

Vicky McIntyre capably manages and invests hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds on behalf of her constituents. She also manages a good-sized staff, oversees tax collection, and serves as public administrator.

We need someone with Vicky McIntyre’s extensive experience running the office of the Idaho State Treasurer. Please join me in voting for Vicky McIntyre for State Treasurer in the Idaho Republican Primary on May 15.

Danielle Trammel, Boise